Fresh Webiik application has 6 configuration files inside private/config folder and associated subfolders. The main configuration file is app.php. Other configuration files belongs to container, middleware and routing and are described under related sections.

The Content of the app.php configuration file is pretty simple:

return [
    'app' => [
        // Application mode 'development' or 'production'
        'mode' => 'production',

        // Base URI of application, usually '/'
        'baseUri' => '/',

        // Array of all available languages of application
        // format: ISO 639-1 => [timezone, encoding]
        'languages' => [
            'en' => ['America/New_York', 'utf-8'],

        // Default language of application in ISO 639-1
        // Can be a string or an array(hostname => lang, ...)  
        'defaultLanguage' => 'en'

ℹ️ Configuration is stored in the service wsConfig.

Local (dev) Environment

Webiik supports local configuration files. Just copy configuration file app.php to app.local.php. When Webiik detects file app.local.php, it ignores file app.php. It means, never publish your local configuration files to production. If you deploy your Webiik project using the Git, Webiik ignores local configuration files, so you don’t have to take care.